About our church

Everyone needs a place of belonging and unconditional acceptance. At More2Life we believe everyone desires a place of fellowship and worship where they truly feel at home.

More2Life Community Church’s leadership team is committed to embrace everyone without regard to their culture, age, gender, race, or social status. We endeavor to provide a comfortable environment where you and your family feel welcome.

We wish to provide real relationships, encouraging you to use your God given potential and walk out your progressivepurpose as you follow Christ. We believe you and your family will gain greater understanding of Biblical truth, while you experience an atmosphere charged with heartfelt praise and worship to our Heavenly Father.

At More2Life, we KNOW our God, we KNOW our Bible, we KNOW one another, and our prayer is that you give us the opportunity to get to KNOW you and your family! Isn’t it time to give your heart a home?

More than traditional worship

More2Life Community Church is not your traditional church. Our worship is vibrant and filled with passion. Every week our worship team, led by Sherry Hamilton, ushers in an atmosphere of joyous worship and powerful praise.

The Bible-based teachings at M2L are challenging, encouraging, and most of all relevant to everyday life. There are only 2 constants in life, GOD and CHANGE, and each message is structured to prepare the audience to respond to their ever-changing circumstances.

We are here to build stronger families and impact our communities with the message of Jesus Christ.

More than traditional ministry

More2Life is built upon a team ministry concept and not a single personality. We have but one desire in our service. We want our worship and ministry to usher in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. When God’s manifest power is welcome, we see physical healings, mental and physical deliverances, as well as modern day miracles. We believe nothing is too difficult for the presence and power of God.

More than a traditional congregation

The community of our congregation is made up of the young and old, teens and parents, and a representation of various ethnic groups. Many of our congregation are Dallas Cowboy fans and it is not uncommon, during football season, to see a smattering of the Blue and Silver Cowboy jerseys.

We are not just a “friendly” Church; we are a church committed to making new friendships and cultivating relationships. We truly believe everything happens through relationships and resources.

People are our greatest resource, and we desire that all who attend M2LCC will find their purpose and use their potential to truly live fulfilling, Christian lives.

More than a traditional vision

Our focus is to serve and have positive impact upon our community. Our vision is to create, equip and send out disciples, from our church, to our community, and also to the world.

“Parent’s Night Out” is but one of our outreaches, offering moms and dads a chance to have a date and a night of fun while their children enjoy pizza, popcorn, movies, and games, in a safe and loving environment.

We periodically host events such as “chili cook offs”, and an art and talent show in order to showcase local talent. We also have small group meetings. Our small group classes range from bible studies to relevant subjects based upon marriage and the family but ALL groups are interactive in nature.